Sterilization Capability of Ozone

Ozone Sanitizer


Ozone is natural strong oxidizer and disinfectant. Ozone layer consisting in aerosphere filters out the ultraviolet light from the Sun that would be harmful to most forms of life in large doses. In industry, ozone is widely applied in the treatment of water and bottle water, preparation of pharmaceuticals and food, and sterilization of pipes, swimming pools, circulating water, and standpipes. In addition, it’s also used for purification of air, oxidization of organic compounds and exhaust gas, bleach of paper pulp, or clothes laundry. In 2001, FDA officially approved ozone as a food contact surface disinfectant. Thus, ozone’s application is greatly expanded in food production industry.  


 Experiment Data

  CFU=Colony Forming Units

ATCC=American Type Culture Collection

     <=Less Than  



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