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Ozone Sanitizer

 How to purchase organic greens and fruits?

As we always know the greens and fruits bring multiple advantages, however the fear of the problems of pesticide residues and chemical fertilizer on them also hangs us back. Thus, organic foods noted for its being free from contamination, ought to be promoted greatly. Another coming-up question is: Are there truly organic foods meeting the standard especially in Taiwan?  


 Taiwan Consumers' Foundation: 92 of Organic Agricultural Products Unqualified.

With the increasing attention on modern regimen, many products advertised as Organic appear, but after the implementation of Organic Agriculture Product Act, CFCT took randomly inspection on those so called “organic products” on the market and founds out that up to 92 of organic agriculture products are fake ones, 83 out of which are without the formal certification issued by our government and the rest are without specified labels. CFCT advised consumers to be cautious   when ing organic products. 


 Do it yourself. Easy and Safe.

Fruit vegetables with pesticide residues can be hardly cleaned by means of rinse or soak. And Pesticides in food have been linked to many diseases. So how to keep us away from the harm of pesticide in daily diet? The effective method acknowledged mostly by experts and research institutes is by use of ozone, characterized by its strong oxidizing capability, to degrade chemical compounds. The Environmental Protection Bureau also proclaimed ozone is high-level oxidant in drinking water quality processing and industrial waste water disposal. That might imply if making a good use of ozone, we can create more cozy place and healthier lives

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