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Ozone Sanitizer

 Multiple Functions 

With the development of technologies and the highly material civilization, there’re various hazardous substances remaining in water and air, which might be detrimental to human bodies: for instance, Carbon monoxide, pesticide, heavy mental, fertilizer, and etc. O3‘s properties are strong oxidization and sterilization. Thus it’s capable of degrading pesticide residues and ridding of chemical toxins remaining on produce. 

 Extending Storage

In most developed countries, O3 has been applied largely on food storage to extend food preservation, reduce the food spoilage and keep foods much fresher.  Food: Keep produce fresh, decompose residues of pesticide, insecticide or food additive, remove the offensive smell of fish, meat or shrimps and remain them to be firm and quality.

 Air Purification

O3 has not only an effect of sterilization, but that of deodorization. With it’s highly strong oxidization, O¯(O atom)combines with foul odor, and releases O2. Thus, we can simply apply Oto remove irritant smell in daily life, e.g. offensive smell of fish, sewer, perspiration, smoke, toilet, and pet, and to increase the concentration of indoor oxygen.

 Removal of Chlorine in Water

Water treatment:Purification treatment of drinking water, water quality of swimming pool, pure water, cooling water, process use water.

The purification of liquid waste:Oxidization, decomposition, decoloration, and deodorization of liquid waste. Killing bacteria and virus, reducing BOD/COD, removing surface active agent. 

BOD:  Biochemical oxygen demand. 

COD  Chemical Oxygen Demand

 Beauty Care

Skin metabolism is supported by adequate oxygen delivery of blood.  As we know every day, new cells form in the bottom layer of the epidermis and reach the skin surface. If the dead skin cells accumulate too thick, they cause the propagation of bacteria, which might affects the skin looks, or worst skin-related diseases. Thus, we can make use of O3water to wash our faces for activating epidemis cells, whitening skin, and getting rid of acnes and flecks.


Though O3is equipped with the functions as disinfection, sterilization, deodorization, and decomposition of dirt, it works better on prevention of germs, mold, and virus. Soaking your body in O3 water may have the role of refreshment, enhance blood circulation, rejuvenate skin, and slow down the damage of aging. 

 Health Care

In addition of the relief from the symptoms of atopic dermatitis, O3 water effectively improves the athlete’s foot, eczema, dermatosis and etc for its strong capability of sterilizing the wounds. Also, it can function as anti-alcohol, due to the reason that the most part of alcohol is metabolized in the human liver, and the rest will be excreted by skin, respiration and urine, O3 with its strong oxidization could rapidly diffuse liver cells, helping converting alcohol. Besides, O3 is also beneficial to oxidize cholesterol and histamine to effectively relieve symptoms of hypertention and atopic rhinitis. 

 Oral Sanitation

Oral Diseases occur mostly out of infection from bacteria. It’s hard to remove food and plaque between teeth simply by tooth brush, and thus bacteria and plaque easily build up between or on teeth. O3 water with powerful permeability can reaches the depths of alveolus to kill bacteria. Brushing your teeth with O3 water can efficiently remove oral bad breath, prevent cavity, and keep your teeth white and clean.

 Living Environment Cleaning

Living Room:Ozone’s capable of deodorizing odors from smoke or garbage, killing bacteria in air, decomposing most toxic material, and providing as fresh air as that in forest.

Kitchen: O3, solving in water, can be used to wash fish, meat and vegetables, or purify cooking smells and carbon monoxide produced by imperfect combustion of fuel.

Bathroom: Preventing mould in the damp bathroom.


Effectively removing the germs and mold in closet and shoes cabinet, deodorizing clothes and bed quilts, eliminating virus, and preventing diseases. 

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