independent Low Air Loss (iLAL®)

Air Mattress System

AKTC independent Low Air Loss (iLAL®) is an exclusive patented technology effectively reduces the moisture and skin heat on the support surface by periodically providing a high volume of low air loss relief. Unlike traditional on-cell ventilation, iLAL® provides a consistent low air loss which makes our air mattress the driest and coolest for the patient. 


Advantage of iLAL®:

  • Low Air Loss is ventilated through 30 of 1.5mm diameters holes on the manifold. More effective and longer lifetime than traditional on-cell laser holes.
  • Depending on the air mattress air volume, the Low Air Loss ventilation can release up to 180L per alternating cycle


Disadvantage of traditional on-cell ventilation:

  • The on-cell hole is only 0.1mm diameter due to the flowrate of the compressor pump is limited which makes ventilation performance limited.
  • The on-cell hole can be blocked by the patient lying on mattress and cause inconsistence ventilation.
  • The on-cell hole will become bigger as time progressed.



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