Ozone Generator Sanitizers

Chemical Free Sanitizing System

Our brilliant ozone produce sanitizer provides

you and your family with clean and safe food-

no more pesticide residues and harmful bacteria! 





 World’s first produce ozone sanitizer specifically designed for Kitchen.

 New invention patent granted – R.O.C Invention No.I291331

 Hospital standard pump, ultra quiet and ultra-effectiveness

 Detachable designed, easy to clean

 Absolute watertight, while the pail is detached.

 Special fluid dynamics designed, spotless disinfection.  

 Shortening the output length of the ozone, enhancing disinfect effectiveness.

 The main unit can be used for purifying the fumes while cooking and refreshing the air.

 After detaching the pail, the complimentary tube can be connected to the main device to purify the fumes from cooking or to clean the meat in the Sink. 


Kitchen Use

 Space Disinfection, Deodorization 

 Produce Cleaning

 Body Care

 Irritant Skin Care, Wound Dipping

 Feet Hygiene Improving 

Portable Series

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