independent Low Air Loss (iLAL)

Air Mattress System

AKTC independent Low Air Loss (iLAL) is an exclusive patented technology effectively reduces the moisture and skin heat on the support surface by periodically providing a high volume of low air loss relief. Unlike traditional on-cell ventilation, iLAL provides a consistent low air loss which makes our air mattress the driest and coolest for the patient. 


Advantage of iLAL:

  • Low Air Loss is ventilated through 30 of 1.5mm diameters holes on the manifold. More effective and longer lifetime than traditional on-cell laser holes.
  • Low Air Loss ventilation can release up to 180L per alternating cycle


Disadvantage of traditional on-cell ventilation:

  • The on-cell hole is only 0.1mm diameter due to the flowrate of the compressor pump is limited which makes ventilation performance limited.
  • The on-cell hole can be blocked by the patient lying on mattress and cause inconsistence ventilation.
  • The on-cell hole will become bigger as time progressed.



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